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I just found out that the first patent I was part of filing, patent No. 7844696 -- Method and System for monitoring control signal traffic over a computer network -- has finally been granted.  We applied for it in June of 2002, and it was actually granted in the UK in 2004, but it took until last week for the USPTO to approve it.  I have a couple more in the queue somewhere.

If you want, you can read the whole thing in all of it's glorious detail (after obfuscation by lawyers) at the USPTO website.

Incidentally, you may wonder how I found out it was finally granted.  (OK, you probably aren't wondering, but I'm going to tell you anyway.)  I found out tonight when I opened a piece of strange looking junk mail and it turned out to be an offer from a company in Indiana wanting to sell me a commemorative plaque for my new patent.  They have an impressive turnaround time -- the patent was granted on 11/30, and I got the offer in the mail today (12/6).  Kooky.
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